Ikki Kurogane is the top men protagonist off Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan

Even with your hailing regarding a highly-recognized house having produced advanced Blazers to possess years, he was also known as a deep failing, for even an F-Score and you may produced having a beneficial inadequate power is known as the Terrible One. Immediately after leaving the home of go after his desires, typing Hagun Academy, but he had been obligated to repeat a year as a result of the prior teams and input of your own Kurogane Family.

Immediately after Kurono Shinguuji got the position as Manager and you can discharged all the other teams working in it, Ikki is actually assured when the guy were to winnings brand new 62nd Eight Celebrities Blade Ways Event, following she’d ensure it is your in order to graduate. From the finals, Ikki became among the many three Desperados out of Japan and you can turned into the present day 7 Stars Blade King. He plus took part in the newest competition ranging from Vermillion and Cradleland just like the a part of Party Vermillion.


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Ikki are an earlier child of average top that have spiky black hair and you may gray attention. He’s named which have a thin but really-depending toned figure and precious face, which makes him popular with each other more youthful women as well as elderly women. Both their real has and you will soft style is among reason why Sara wished him to-be her naked model. Ikki and additionally bears a robust resemblance so you’re able to each other his father and you can elderly sister.

There have been times when Ikki has actually used multiple gowns inside the the newest collection according to research by the go out otherwise knowledge, he could be mainly viewed using the quality uniform to own Hagun Academy.

Immediately after passing away as a result of Or-Gaule being renewed of the Shizuku having fun with Aoiro Sekai, Ikki gone back to the appearance of a good 10-year-old and as such provides the actual has and you will results regarding a kid.


Even with their harsh youngsters, Ikki shows getting a robust-willed and you may good young buck with a caring character, that has been revealed about collection when he as he assisted someone else for example their friends raise towards the all their abilities along with their gadgets even after someone prior managing your such weak. This brought about people that met him yourself (for even one minute) to help you matter the fresh not the case hearsay Mamoru Akaza spread regarding the Ikki’s, having receive him become most kind and you may sincere. It is true for men and women incapable of be best on the very own, when he knows exactly what an arduous road it actually was. Whether or not Nagi stated this really is also can an adverse thing while the Ikki are also used to becoming hurt he would not be capable listen to the newest screams away from their own cardiovascular system, a well known fact proven prior to his combat Kirihara immediately following he’d a panic attack and you can throughout the when Ikki didn’t get past the new situation first.

Even after his calming character, Ikki can be treat their disposition immediately after watching Bishou pushing Stella to strip facing them to save the hostages. He wouldn’t actually hesitate to maim foes as he stop Bishou’s arm using Raikou and then he was alongside hurting Kirihara, but the guy purposefully overlooked by the 1 millimetre, just to confirm which he you are going to maim In case your situation named for it, Ikki wouldn’t hesitate to eliminate his opponents when he is actually forced in order to kill Eye Ascarid, albeit the guy did feel bad given that she is each other a friend and comrade, if you find yourself with the knowledge that he did not have an alternative.

Ikki is actually been shown to be a bit relaxed when you look at the perhaps the extremely thorough of the condition, since the viewed when he stayed calm the entire stumble on that have Kuraudo even brushing from the undeniable fact that he was hit that have a great bottle, trying to avoid the fight despite he was spat on the. He can even be cold inside competition and cannot head enjoying a hot fight with a strong challenger, which is shown from time to time regarding Selection Fits and you can 7 Celebs Blade Ways Event.

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