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The acquisition off bottomhole pressure and temperatures studies might be planned and you will done within the a cost-active trend which have at least disturbance to normal performing routines. This post covers choices for getting tension and you may heat study.


  • Exactly what are the objectives away from aspect: static tension, reservoir character, fluid characterization, straight pressure and you may temperature character, better move characterization, or any other?
  • ‚s the ecosystem openhole or cased opening? A research otherwise development well?
  • Could there be a significance of real-go out epidermis readout (SRO) specifications or normally the data end up being recorded downhole and assessed after?
  • Exactly what metrology is needed on measurements (elizabeth.grams., restriction temperatures and you will tension, dimensions solution and you may accuracy)?
  • Exactly how often the fresh new gauges feel shown to the bottomhole measuring points?
  • Is there a need to carry out continuous otherwise constant specifications over months otherwise ages?
  • What business economics use, and you may create they imply a possible tradeoff to your high quality or quantity of the brand new measurements?

Specifications will be carried on facial skin, constantly thru an electric cord, or submitted inside downhole recollections run on battery packs.

SRO provides the visible benefit of providing data in real time. Real-day readouts are specifically good for transient measurements that require day into the pressure so you’re able to stabilize and you may radial disperse growing. While the stabilizing minutes believe tank and water attributes and because the newest commitment of those parameters is often the function of stress dimensions into the really examination, anticipating along stabilization attacks is commonly difficult. SRO is advised in these instances.

Obtaining bottomhole tension and you can temperatures data

Specific software, always those who work in the low monetary tier, is going to be presented without the need for SRO. The advantages tend to be down working will set you back and you may a predetermined functions agenda. New disadvantage is the difficulties away from guaranteeing the grade of the new obtained investigation, for instance the prospect of high functioning losses in the event the bottomhole recording gizmos breakdowns. Hence, downhole recording (DHR) are chose only if brand new measurement target will not always depend on stabilizing times otherwise whenever stabilizing times are generally known (age.g., determine an average tank pressure when you look at the a tank from identified mobility).

Of many community devices render both SRO and you may DHR. The newest measuring part of these power tools is normal to one another choices. On SRO alternative, the fresh new detector electronic devices is paired to help you a beneficial telemetry program to possess uphole sign, together with cord supplies downhole energy. From the DHR solution, downhole battery packs also provide strength, in addition to studies try kept in memories boards getting upcoming readout or downloading in order to suitable personal computers.

The practice of downhole close-during the while in the a buildup try in the place of body close-inside was discussed into the Tension transient evaluation. The advantages of downhole closed-from inside the is:

  • Power over this new wellbore volume (afterflow)
  • Reduced amount of the duration of accumulation assessment
  • Alternatives on tape form (SRO or DHR)

Downhole sealed-in can be performed during the old-fashioned drillstem assessment (DST) otherwise throughout assessment did to the creation wells. During the good DST, the fresh downhole closed-for the device is often the fundamental test device. Shut-inside the is done at the end of a flow several months by the actuating the exam device. Generally buildup challenges was recorded into the DHR setting. Some other process is with this new DST valve once the fundamental shut-for the device while the DataLatch electrical wireline downhole recorder/sender is used to look at demands immediately when you look at the buildup. DataLatch technology is discussed later contained in this page.

Within the generating wells, downhole shut-in the is completed by the mode a device installation regarding pipe just before performing the test. The brand new tube should have already been in past times equipped with locator hard nipples so your valve are secured during the compatible depth. The brand new valve is actually run on either a slickline carrying a beneficial DHR pressure evaluate or a digital range equipped with an enthusiastic SRO tape determine. The new closed-from inside the valve was actuated by the a series away from draws and releases on slickline or cablemonly operated closed-within the regulators can create from the variety of as much as a dozen open-personal time periods, after which the new device assembly is released in the setting nipples by the an appropriate pull-on the fresh line. Other types from sealed-when you look at the regulators can be work of the a-clock, quick explosive squib, or power supply.

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